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$135,000 penalty for refusing cake for 2 'brides'

Three judges on the Oregon Court of Appeals on Thursday affirmed a penalty of $135,000 for a bakery whose owners refused to violate their Christian faith and promote lesbianism by providing a cake for two “brides.”
The fine was a death penalty for the bakery, forcing it out of business.
The Oregon judges, Joel DeVore, Chris Garrett and Bronson James, also determined that in today’s America, quoting the Bible can cause “emotional harm” to same-sex duos...

Христиане отказались сделать торт для лесбийской свадьбы. Их приговорили к штрафу $135,000. Им пришлось закрыть пекарню и бизнес. Судьи из Орегона также постановили, что цитаты из библии могут эмоционально травмировать гейские пары.
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