dburtsev (dburtsev) wrote,

Оказывается, Obamacare не распространяется на конгресс.

DeSantis said Wednesday, “It’s frustrating because we can put our money where our mouth is in terms of Obamacare because Congress is supposed to be in these exchanges under the law. There was an amendment offered by Grassley back in 2010 for that.”

“What happened was,” he continued, “President Obama, Pelosi, Reid, they did an administrative rule, and it was acquiesced by the Republican leadership at the time, too, to effectively exempt Congress from the effects of that provision. Congress is in its own special exchange in D.C. You get massive employer subsidies.”

Т.е. конгресс получает крупные субсидии работодателя на медицину. Со специального разрешения Обамы.
Tags: США, медицина

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