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Граждане Швеции получали велфер сражаясь за ИГИЛ

Close to every person who left Sweden to fight for terror groups in the Middle East received welfare to support themselves abroad, according to a new government report. A study of 300 Swedish citizens who fought in Syria and Iraq between 2013 and 2016 shows jihadis are getting increasingly good at getting away with welfare fraud. The individuals often use a person in Sweden to handle paperwork and create the illusion that they’re still in the country. “It’s not surprising, we’ve seen the same pattern in other countries,” Magnus Ranstorp, one of the authors behind the report, told state broadcaster SVT. “What’s most surprising is that close to everyone received it in some form. The oversight process needs to get better.”

The most attractive option are government loans to study abroad. The loans are easy to get and thousands of dollars are paid out at once. “It’s not a lot of money, they won’t get rich, but it can last for a long time in a conflict zone,” Ranstorp told SVT.

В том числе они получали гранты на обучение за границей.
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