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Учителей уволили за протрамповкие реплики. Де-Калб (штат Джорджия)

The statement, issued Jan. 30, is the second such warning Green has issued since Trump’s election and since two teachers were forced to resign, one in November and another in December, for allegedly making comments disparaging of illegal immigration in the presence of students and staff...
Besides the termination of the two teachers at Cross Keys High School in DeKalb, a staff nurse at nearby Cary Reynolds Elementary school was investigated for alleged anti-immigration comments she posted on Facebook, the district confirmed.
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2017/02/schoolteachers-fired-for-pro-trump-remarks/

Двух учителей уволили за то, что они говорили о депертации нелегалов в присутствии студентов и сотрудников. Школьная медсестра попала под расследование за антииммигрантскую реплику в фейсбуке.

Presidential elections results in DeKalb County:
Democratic 80.44%
Republican 3.09%
В целом по штату Джоржия проголосовали:
Republican 51.30%
Democratic 45.60%

Т.е. нельзя сказать, что весь штат за демократов.
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