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Теперь и Обама против политкорректности

(Heat Street) In an exit interview with NPR, President Obama for the second time in his two-term reign attacked political correctness, claiming debates have become “like walking on eggshells” and advised people to stop going around “just looking for insults.”

During the interview, Obama discussed the recent election, Donald Trump, Russia and his own future. But he also laid into the wave of political correctness sweeping college campuses, corporate America and (of course) Hollywood. He told NPR’s Steve Inskeep that there’s “a hypersensitivity that ends up resulting in people not being able to express their opinions at all without somebody suggesting they’re a victim.”

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2016/12/obama-slams-political-correctness/

Президент Обама во второй раз в его президенство напал на политкорректность, заявив что требования к дебатам стали “как ходьба на яичных скорлупах” и советовал людям прекращать практику “поиска оскорблений”.
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