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Growing list of post-election 'hate crimes' turn out to be hoaxes

Растущий лист списка 'преступлений на почве ненависти' после выборов оказался обманом.

A Muslim teenager from Long Island by the name of Yasmin Seweid told authorities that she was harassed on the subway by men who yelled "Donald Trump!" while trying to remove her hijab. The police said within two weeks that she admitted she was lying because she broke her curfew; she now faces charges of filing and false report.
Мусульманский подросток из Лонг-Айленда Ясмина Сьюейда сказала властям, что ее преследовали в метро мужчины, которые вопили "Дональд Трамп!" пытаясь снять ее хиджаб. Полиция сообщила в течение двух недель, что она признала, что обманывала, потому что она опаздала домой; её теперь обвининяют в обмане полиции.

A Muslim woman in Louisiana claimied that she was attacked and had her hijab ripped off. The Lafayette Police Departmenet said that she "admitted that she fabricated the story about her physical attack as well as the removal of her hijab and wallet by two white males."
Мусульманская женщина в Луизиане заявила в полицию, что она подверглась нападению и с неё сорвали хиджаб. Лафайеттский полицейский Департменет сказал, что она "признала, что фальсифицировала историю о своем физическом нападении, а также грабежа ее хиджаба и кошелька двумя белыми мужчинами".

A hateful note on a white board at Elon Univeristy in North Carolina that read "Bye Bye Latinos Hasta La Vista" was actually satire written by a Latino student at the school, according to the Elon News Network.
Оскорбляющая надпись на доске в Элоне Универисти в Северной Каролине, которые гласит "До свидания латиноамериканцы, Hasta La Vista", была на самом деле "сатира", написанная латиноамериканским студентом в школе, согласно Сети новостей Элона.

Hateful notes allegedly sent to a North Park University student in Chicago were "fabricated" according to David Parkyn, the university's president. The student said on Nov. 14 she had received messages taped to her door containing harassing language and mentions of Trump.

University of Minnesota student Kathy Mirah Tu alleged that she was accosted by white men and told to "go back to Asia." The University's police department and the Minneapolis Police Department said they had no record of the incident and Tu's Facebook post later disappeared.

A Mississippi man arrested and charged with first degree arson in the burning of an African-American church that was spray-painted with the words "Vote Trump" is a member of the congregation, the church's bishop said.

A Muslim University of Michigan student who said that a man threatened to light her on fire if she didn't remove her hijab was lying about the incident, police officials said. After reviewing hours of footage and speaking the businesses in the area, they could not corroborate her claims.

Ну и так далее

A man who claimed to have been the victim of a racist hate crime actually hoaxed the incident, writing “n*gger lovers” on his garage door.
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