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Преследования за поддержку Трампа

In one case, Matthew Blanchfield of the New Mexico online marketing company 1st In SEO announced he is canceling all client accounts belonging to Republicans and Trump voters.
“If you are a Republican, voted for Donald Trump or support Donald Trump in any manner, you are not welcome at 1st In SEO, and we ask that you leave our firm.”
He urged his current clients to respond to his letter and “confirm where you stand politically.”

Компания 1st In SEO не будет иметь дело с республиканцами и голосовавшими за Трампа. Счета таких клиентов будут закрыты. Клиентам фирмы посланы e-mail с просьбой прояснить свою политическую позицию.

Another company made headlines after a mobile food-ordering company said employees who support Trump’s behavior and campaign rhetoric should quit.
“If you do not agree with this statement then please reply to this email with your resignation because you have no place here,” wrote Matt Maloney, CEO of Grubhub, in a Nov. 9 letter to employees.

Сотрудникам Grubhub, поддерживающим Трампа, предложено уволиться.

a Texas imam said he was forced to resign over his support for Trump.
Nidal Alsayyed of the Islamic Society of the Triplex in Beaumont, Texas, told KFDM Fox 4 that backing Trump’s plan to temporarily stop Muslim immigration cost him his job.

Техасский Имам вынужден был уйти из за поддержки позиции Трампа по мигрантам мусульманам.

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2016/11/the-purge-companies-exact-revenge-on-trump-supporters
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