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Federal judge urges US to grant gender neutral passport

DENVER – A federal judge on Wednesday urged the State Department to give a gender neutral passport to a Colorado Navy veteran who does not identify being male or female in a case that's the first of its kind in the United States.

U.S. District Judge R. Brooke Jackson also suggested he might issue an order forcing the government to do so if it does not successfully negotiate a settlement to the legal challenge by Dana Zzyym, who was denied apassport for refusing to check "male" or "female" on the application.

Zzyym was born with ambiguous sexual characteristics and raised as a boy but later came to identify as intersex and neither man nor woman.

Government lawyers argued that moving beyond two gender choices for passports would upend officials' ability to verify identities and backgrounds because of reliance on drivers' licenses and birth certificates issued by states offering only male and female gender options...

Федеральный судья грозиться заставить правительство США выдать паспорт без указания пола.
Tags: США, геи, паспорт

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