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Фермеры в США хотят сами чинить свои трактора. Digital Millennium Copyright Act против.

Farmers in Nebraska, Minnesota, Massachusetts, and New York are staging something of a mechanical revolt. They're attempting to get legislation passed in their states that would enable them, for the first time since the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act, to repair their own tractors or get an independent mechanic to help...
As it currently stands, any problem with his John Deere 8235 R requires a trip to the dealer and costs him important time...
At the root of the morass is the software that helps run modern tractors and their sensors, diagnostic tools, and other high-tech elements...
John Deere's argument, as reported by Wired, is that giving farmers free rein over the software would "make it possible for pirates, third-party developers, and less innovative competitors to free-ride off the creativity, unique expression, and ingenuity of vehicle software."

В настоящее время из за любой проблемы фермеру надо тащиться с трактором в сервис центер. Там починят, но это отнимает время, которое во время страды дорого цениться. Проблема в компьютерных программах, ответственных за диагностику. John Deere опасается, что фермеры своруют софт и передадут его конкурентам John Deere.
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