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Fascism 101

It took a mere instant for Melissa Click to establish herself as the scowling, angry face of left-wing intolerance on college campuses. Click, of course, is the University of Missouri professor who requested 'some muscle' to help remove a journalist who was documenting a protest.

The scene may have reminded movie fans of Frankie Pentangeli begging Michael for 'muscle' to get rid of those nasty Rosato brothers in The Godfather Part II.

But back to reality and the sad fact that there are thousands of Melissa Clicks on our campuses. They are desperately searching for some excuse, any excuse, to use their two favorite words: 'Shut up!' If you disagree with them on any number of issues - race, climate change, radical Islam, immigration, even Halloween costumes - these modern Mussolinis demand that you just keep quiet.
. . .
Amid the chaos there are a few glimmers of hope. An editorial at Harvard called out the Yalies as 'fascists,' and The Daily Princetonian also ran a piece ridiculing the Yale protesters. But Yale's president cowered in fear and wrote some jibberish about 'fostering diversity.' Truth is, there are few species in this world more cowardly than campus administrators. Their knee-jerk reaction to controversy is to apologize, form committees, and speak platitudes.

Want to understand what's going on at some of our leading institutions of higher learning? Look no farther than Ithaca College in New York State, where every year of indoctrination costs parents north of $50,000. The school has proudly announced it will shell out vast sums on a diversity plan that includes a 'safe space' for multicultural students. Ithaca also created the new position of 'Chief Diversity Officer.' The salary has not been made public, but no doubt it is well into the six figures. Placating angry mobs doesn't come cheap.
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There can be absolutely no doubt that the modern university, with its 'safe spaces' and 'trigger warnings' and 'micro-aggressions,' has been created by the radical left. And now, to borrow from Reverend Wright, these fascistic chickens have come home to roost.
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