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Did school fire 2 for concerns about 6-year-old transgender child?

Two staff members say they were fired from a Texas school when voicing concerns after being told last week to refer to a 6-year-old girl by a new name and start acting like she was a boy.
Madeline Kirksey said she was fired Monday from Children’s Lighthouse Learning Center in Katy because of her stance when told one of her female students was now to be considered transgender...
Kirksey said the child’s parents cut the girl’s hair short and workers at Children’s Lighthouse were told to begin calling the girl by a boy’s name.
School administrators allegedly handed out a “common sense” set of guidelines for “How to Handle Transgender Students” to the staff...

Родители 6 летней девочки остригли ей коротко волосы и попросили работающих в школе обращаться с ребёнком как с мальчиком. Двое сотрудников школы выразили озабоченность, и были уволены. Руководство школы распространило руководство для сотрудников, как себя вести с учениками - трансгендерами.
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