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Хелловин удалось отстоять в этот раз.

Children in one Connecticut town almost found themselves all dressed up for Halloween with no place to go, after the district banned parades for fear they would exclude kids who didn't want to take part in the celebration.
However, officials from Milford Public Schools decided on Monday to reinstate parades and other Halloween activities at elementary schools in the district after parents protested the original decision...
Jim Richetelli, chief operations officer for the Milford Public Schools, told the newspaper that he had “no direct knowledge” of the decisions about Halloween, but respecting the diversity of Milford’s student body is always a key concern.
“Milford Public Schools do have many children from diverse beliefs, cultures and religions,” Richetelli said. “The goal is for all children to feel comfortable and definitely not alienated when they come to school.”...

В одном из округов штата Коннектикут в школах много учеников самых разных религий и культур. Не все они, точнее их родители, хотят праздновать Хелловин. Американское РОНО запритило праздновать Хелловин в школах. В ответ стали возмущаться родители детей, которые привыкли справлять этот праздник в школах. Тогда парад вернули.
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