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Confederate Flag Supporters Indicted in Clash With Black Partygoers

In an unusual legal maneuver, the district attorney in this suburb of Atlanta said Monday that he had won indictments against 15 supporters of the Confederate battle flag, accusing them of violating the state’s anti-street-gang statute during a confrontation with black partygoers in July...
The Douglas County district attorney, Brian Fortner, a white Republican elected to the office in 2014, announced the indictments in a news conference Monday morning. Each of the 15 was indicted on one count of making terroristic threats and a second count of unlawfully participating in “criminal gang activity.” Mr. Fortner, whose county has transformed from predominantly white to decidedly mixed over the past two decades, said that the Georgia statute upon which the second charge is based, the Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act, was “worded very broadly to deal with any type of activity that occurs with a group that’s organized that commits a crime.”...
Several criminal lawyers and legal scholars said Monday that they could not recall other instances in which a state anti-gang statute had been used to prosecute a Confederate heritage group in the Deep South...

В пригороде Атланты произошёл конфликт между отдыхающими в парке группой чёрных и проезжающими мимо Confederate heritage group (общество изучения и сохранения истории конфедератов). Белый судья республиканец применил против белых закон, созданный для борьбы с организованной уличной преступностью. Судья сказал, что закон "сформулированн очень широко, чтобы иметь дело с любым типом деятельности, которую производит организованная группа, которая совершает преступление". Никогда раньше Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act не применялся против Confederate heritage group. Это ещё не 282, но уже рядом.
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