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Юридический журнал Law360 не признаёт термин 'illegal alien'

A pair of veteran immigration judges have left a widely read legal journal over its ban on the term "illegal alien," calling the decision a case of the "political correctness word police" taking control of the immigration debate...
"Language must conform to Law360 style, avoiding what is perceived to be derogatory reference to 'illegal aliens,'" Christian Lewis, assistant managing editor of Law360, wrote in a July 30 email to Dale Wilcox...
"I understand based on the authors' June 10 article that they believe this is a semantic argument, however our publication does follow the rule that 'illegal' applies to actions, not individuals," Lewis wrote.

Новые правила для журнала. Термин "нелегальный" не может применяться к персоне, а только к действиям.

The judges said they were "shocked" by the editorial board's insistence the term not be used -- noting the Immigration & Nationality Act and its various amendments use "illegal alien,"

Судьи были шокированы, потому, что в законе Immigration & Nationality Act и в нескольких поправках к нему данный термин используется.

In an email to FoxNews.com, Law360 explained that it is simply complying with The Associated Press guidelines for journalists. In 2013, the AP dropped the use of the word "illegal" to describe a person who enters or resides in a country in violation of civil or criminal law.

Law360 объяснил, что они просто выполняют правила, установленные Associated Press. В 2013 году АР прекратило использовать термин "нелегальный" для описания человека, чьё нахождение в стране нарушает закон.

Т.е. к нынешней волне мигрантов АР приготовился ещё в 2013 году.
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