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Профессор утверждает, что его уволили за упоминание Бога в прощальном письме к студентам

Christian prof. claims he was fired for mentioning God
...at the end of the 2014 spring semester, Anderson included a farewell letter as an attachment to emails he sent informing his astronomy students of their grades. In the letter, Anderson praises some students for their efforts throughout the course and chastises others for “[choosing] to be disengaged in a variety of ways from the beginning,” though he does not single out any individuals.

Anderson went on to reflect upon his students’ potential for personal development, recommending they pursue a course rooted in wisdom and concluding with the statement: “If each of us, little by little with God’s help, can incorporate these foundation stones of goodness into our lives, we will find an anchor for our lives, which will result in a deep and lasting satisfaction through life, and allow us to influence the world for good as we live out our lives.”

An unnamed female student, whom Anderson described as “obstreperous” and disengaged with the course from the start, became so incensed that she contacted the dean, calling Anderson’s comments “sad” and “disturbing,” and asking BCCC to review the farewell letter.
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