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Левая идеологическая обработка в колледжах США

Consider what happened to Moriah DeMartino, a 21-year-old conservative student at Maryland’s Hagerstown Community College.
Miss DeMartino tells me the advisor of the club is an “extremely liberal professor.”
“He’s the man I approached about my club and he instantly shut me down,” she said. “I’m really frustrated right now and I’m really upset.”
For the record, the college does maintain clubs for women’s rights and LGBT students – but not conservatives. No surprise, said Turning Point USA Founder Charlie Kirk.

But when it comes to imposing draconian liberal ideology on students, no one can come close to Washington State University.
Campus Reform reports a number of professors have told students they will be punished if they use words like “illegal alien,” “male,” “and “female.”
Oh yeah, the professor has a problem with white folks, too.
“Students will come to recognize how white privilege functions in every day social structures and institutions,” the syllabus outlined.
Another professor told white students they are expected to “defer” to non-white students...
Last week I reported on the University of Tennessee’s quest to introduce gender “inclusive” pronouns into the Big Orange lexicon. Instead of he and she, students and professors were encouraged to use words like ze and zir...
And it’s not just happening at public schools. Get a load of what the kids had to endure at American University – a private school in Washington, D.C.
Incoming freshmen were instructed to introduce themselves by name, hometown and “gender pronoun,” according to Young America’s Foundation (YAF)...
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