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TCU and student, 19, are in free speech fight over controversial tweets

A Twitter fight with a Maryland woman has left a Texas Christian University student on probation and banned from most campus activities at a college he considered his new home.
The family of Harry Vincent, 19, and an advocacy group are trying to pressure TCU to respect students’ free speech rights and reverse its punishment of Vincent. The family has even considered whether to sue...
“Private universities are not subject to the constraints of the U.S. Constitution,” said Ari Cohn, an attorney with the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, which is lobbying on Vincent’s behalf...
A private university is “free to — as least as far as the law is concerned — to do whatever it wants, to expel a student for whatever reason,” O’Neil said. “It’s unlikely that a court would intervene.”...
The complaint against Vincent originated with the Tumblr account of a 19-year-old from Maryland named Kelsey. Vincent, a conservative from suburban Baltimore, sparred with the liberal Kelsey over politics and current events on Twitter.
Kelsey urged her followers to contact TCU to complain about Vincent’s tweets and “expose him” and “tell them that he’s shedding a bad light on their university.” She was contacted by The Dallas Morning News through her Tumblr account but did not respond.
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