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Who is the senior partner here? Патрик Бьюкенен об Израиле

Friday - March 20, 2015

In November 1956, President Eisenhower, enraged he had not been forewarned of their invasion of Egypt, ordered the British, French and Israelis to get out of Suez and Sinai. They did as told.

How far we have fallen from the America of Ike and John Foster Dulles has been on painful display this March.

An Israeli leader told a joint session of Congress that President Obama's nuclear deal with Iran is stupid and dangerous and must be rejected. Congress gave him 40 ovations.

Bibi Netanyahu then went home and told the world there will be no Palestinian state, and was re-elected in a smashing victory.

"Perhaps it's time for Americans, especially those in the White House, to recognize this new reality of Israeli politics," says The Wall Street Journal. We should restore "Israeli confidence in U.S. support."

Excuse me? Who is the senior partner here? Who needs whom more?

Israel is entitled to choose its own leaders, who are entitled to make their own policy. But that goes for us as well.
. . .
Bibi is looking out for Israel first. America needs a president like Ike who will start looking out for America first.
. . .
Last week, John Kerry said he might talk with Syria's Bashar Assad, and was denounced by the Saudis. The State Department backed off. But who are the Saudis to be telling us to whom we may talk when coping with the Islamic State?

In the Eisenhower era, Dulles spoke of an "agonizing reappraisal" of our alliances, a cost-benefit analysis of what America was getting out of them, compared with what we were contributing to them.

Is there a single U.S. alliance today that would survive a cost-benefit analysis like that?

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