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Можно ли забрать у Англии своё серебро?

Perhaps as far back as 2002, anecdotal evidence suggests that Saudi Arabia bought a significant quantity of physical silver on the LBMA [London Bullion ex-change] most likely as a means to prudently hedge their significant U.S. dollar exposure/vulnerability. The spike in silver lease rates [see 2002 in chart below] are highly consistent with this assertion...
Because large quantities of silver are very heavy and cumbersome to ship around the globe this physical metal was deposited at the Bank of England in their vaults. Some time afterward, the Saudis requested that this metal be physically shipped to them. The Bank of England balked [refused to comply] at this request because they did not have the metal it had been leased out [physically removed from the vault] and subsequently sold again to maintain/continue the active price suppression of silver bullion.

Ed. Note: Has anyone stopped to take stock of how soon thereafter industry heavyweights Rothschild and AIG exited the precious metals trade, lock stock and barrel?

The Saudis became incensed with this action [epiphanies sometimes have a way of doing this] and sold the lot in effect taking a forced cash settlement and began buying silver again in other jurisdictions where they felt assured of getting delivery of their purchases.

Саудиты как-то пытались забрать у белых дьяволов из банкам наглии свое серебро, наглы им сказали что не отдадут, и предложили взамен бумажки с надписью «это серебро».
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