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Why We Have Daylight Saving Time

With daylight saving no longer a federal mandate, some states have chosen not to observe it. The only states that don't currently participate in daylight saving are Arizona and Hawaii, with several U.S. territories choosing not to follow it as well. Arizona has such intense heat in daylight hours that it's not considered a benefit for its residents to be out for as much of it as possible.
As for Hawaii, its location closer to the equator gives them more consistent "days" year round. They wouldn't be gaining, or losing, many daylight hours by observing the clock change.

В США переход на "летнее время" не является федеральным законом. Отдельные штаты сами решают, переходить им на "летнее время" или нет. В настоящее время Аризона, Гаваи и некоторые территории не переводят стрелки часов дважды в год.
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