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PROPAGANDA: Fake sensation on non-fake radioactive materials

I have investigated more about mysterious Sabha 'radioactive materials' in 'secret warehouse' - this is a well-known declared object - "the yellowcake storage facility at Sabha", it was termed Site F by the IAEA in 28 May 2004 IAEA report (http://www.fas.org/nuke/guide/libya/iaea0504.pdf). Moreover it was inspected by Agency inspectors on 21 April 2004:

Annex 1 Page 1:
"On 21 April 2004, Agency inspectors visited Sabha (Site F), where Libya's "yellowcake" (a type of uranium ore concentrate) is stored, to review Libya's progress in improving the organization of the containers of yellowcake and to plan a comprehensive verification of the declared yellowcake inventory."

Annex 1 Page 4:
"To provide feed material for these experiments, one containerof imported yellowcake was brought to Tajura from the yellowcake storage location at Sabha."

Annex 2: 
List of Nuclear Research Related Locations in Libya
Site F - The yellowcake storage (Sabha)

So I was not wrong suspecting propaganda - falsifiers found, fake sensation may be worse than fake yellowcake. (I hope it was not Ben Wederman himself.) The story is bogus, it is totally meaningless. The whole point here, as before and as always, is to fool the gullible - those who can be made to fall for invented fears of "terrorism."
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